Toon Studio

Toon Studio

Toon Studio is a Walt Disney Studios Park zone that represents the studio where Toons go to work.

When the park opened in 2002 this zone was called Animation Courtyard and featured only three attractions: Art of Disney Animation, Animagique and Flying Carpets over Agrabah. A placemaking project transformed the uninspired “parking lot” into Toon Studio with more scrubs, trees and new flooring. The Animation Hat received Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell statues (which were used on Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in 2005) and a large Sorcerer Mickey was placed at the entrance of the zone. The Flying Carpets over Agrabah area was expanded with a small oasis zone, bringing much needed greenery to the area.

The biggest change in 2007 however was the park’s first major expansion: two attractions were added at once: the ever popular Crush’s Coaster and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye. In an effort to hide the Cast Member costuming building, a new meet ‘n’ greet location was build with a faux Toon Town backdrop: Toon Plaza.

A few years later in 2011 a mini-land opened in Toon Studio: Toy Story Playland. Three attractions designed to look larger than life among metres tall bamboo made Walt Disney Studios Park even more attractive for families with children. La Place de Rémy, probably the best themed area in the entire park, opened in 2014 with Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy and the park’s first table service restaurant Bistrot Chez Rémy.